Monday, April 21, 2008

Found Poem of America by Hank Kalet

Found Poem of America
(a draft)


half-scraped decal
of American flag,
egg-shaped, scratch-edged,

flaking away
to nothing
on side window

of greasy
service station,
near propane tank,

the size of
a small car,
near Coke machine

and back fence
that obscures
the sprouting weeds,

the fast-food wrappers
and newsprint
telling stories

of rising taxes
and broken bridges,
of corruption probes

and jail time
for crooked pols,
the window’s glass

grime-streaked, caulking
cracked, paint peeling
from trim, glass

midday sun,
window facing

stand of trees
that shrinks as
work trucks carve

out space from
thick woods for new
medical offices

and strip mall,
trucks idle today,
summer afternoon

with no breeze,
waiting to buy

to grill burgers,
Mets game
whispering from

my car speakers
as traffic whizzes
past on Route 27.

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