Monday, October 02, 2006

The Risen Bursting Flower is an Explosion of Color


the risen bursting flower is an explosion of color,
light cresting in the folds of petals,
the creases, the lines,
the shadows arresting the mind
(light on the canvass
fractured into essential particles,
refracted, the spectrum creating its imperative,
like o’keefe seeing with the eye
of the honey bee)
newly opened iris
form, fragrance, its functional sexuality
a vibrant, immediate, erotic pull
the honey bee drawn into the base,
draws from it the thick sweetness,
its straw-like tongue plunging strong,
working deep within the wrap of petals,
pollen dust coating its bristly fur,
pollen dust, the male seed, carried from
plant to plant
deposited in a floral womb
a fertilization that produces the new,
germinates a future of
new breath, new fruit, new life.

-- Hank Kalet

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siouxsiepoet said...

why hello hank, i've been meaning to look at your blog since i read suburban pastoral (it is quite nice).

i wrote a poem just like the one you've got here, if you care to see it, check it out at: